The Ultimate Calibration Work Station

Welcome to CalBench

The Time Electronics CalBench combines an industrial work bench with modular consoles to provide users with an ergonomic workspace for calibration applications. With a wide range of modules and extras each CalBench is built to customer requirements.

CalBenches are commonly used in various industries worldwide. They are ideal soultions for on-site testing facilities that perform routine calibration and testing of plant devices and instruments.

The Time Electronics CalBench team works closely with each customer to define the exact end user requirements, based on the applications that the test bench is needed to perform. Then we configure the best system based on this information.

Why CalBench?

CalBench can provide the platform for a complete calibration program. It enables a company to implement a universal test system that is designed for flexibility and wide workload. The pre-fitted modules provide precision and performance for their dedicated usage.

CalBench is commonly used in:

  • Processing Plants
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Refineries
  • Power Plants
  • Engineer Training Centres
  • Schools and Universities
  • Calibration Laboratories
  • Research and Development Labs
  • Manufacturing Plants

Benches are built to cover core parameters most common to industrial sectors. These include electrical, pressure, temperature, loop and frequency. The modules integrated into the consoles are made to optimise calibration work and increase output.

In addition to manually operated calibration test benches, a range of modules are available for automated calibration work. With a 7051 multifunction calibrator and control centre the CalBench becomes an automated work system, with inter-connection between modules and the integral touch screen PC. This enables readback and control for applications, enabling rapid testing to be performed on the calibration bench. Time Electronics EasyCal software enables users to control the calibration process from start to finish, from scheduling to certificate issuance.

Download the CalBench PDF Brochure

Download the CalBench PDF Brochure

The CalBench PDF brochure contains detailed information about the Time Electronics range of calibration benches. Read about the available modules, technical specifications, and the accompanying products that complete the calibration workspace.

Download PDF