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The Pneumatic Pressure CalBench Package


The CalBench Pneumatic Pressure Package (CBPPP) is a system designed for calibration of pneumatic instrumentation such as gauges, transmitters, switches and valves. Features include:
• Regulated pressure modules for rapid calibration
• Differential pressure calibration modules
• Precision DMM provides measurement capabilities for devices under test
• Fixed and variable DC power supply modules for powering devices under test
• Automated calibration using EasyCal software
• Supplied with PC, mounted monitor, keyboard and mouse
• Accompanying pump for manual pressure input supplied
• Control the complete calibration process from one ergonomic workspace
• Add optional line pressure tools such as compressors and boosters

What's in the Pneumatic Pressure CalBench Package (CBPPP):

Code Description Purpose
7080 CalBench (W2000 x D850 x H1568): Height adjustable bench frame, work top, primary console with 7082 mains power control and distribution module (incl. 2 x output sockets), 4 x under console sockets, and under console lighting. Provides an ergonomic workspace for various calibration and testing applications. A wide range of modules can be fitted to the primary console creating a highly flexible system that is both functional and easy to use.
7123 Under worktop PC holder (vertical) For housing PC.
7121 2 drawer Unit (W500 x D550 x H250mm) For general use and keeping documents etc
7125 20 piece tool hook kit for rear perfo panel For holding various instruments, devices and tools.
7087 Quad DC Power Supply Module - 6V(20A), 12V(10A), 24V(6A), 48V(3A) Provides a DC power supply to various loop instrumentation under test.
7053 56V DC 4A Adjustable Power Supply Module - Digital Provides a variable precision DC power supply for a various applications.
5065B 6.5 digit multimeter Provides measurement capabilities for transducers and transmitters under test.
7067 Precision Loop Calibrator Module Provides precision source and measure functions for process and pressure devices under test. Suitable for simulation of transmitters and loop supply.
7059/7103 Vacuum/Pressure Calibrator (VAC + 10bar) Allows vacuum and low range pressure instruments, switches, gauges transmitters, transducers to be calibrated.
7062/7104 Pressure Calibration module with regulator (20bar) Allows calibration of mid range pressure devices.
7064/7107 High Pressure Calibration module with regulator (100bar) Allows calibration of high range pressure devices.
7064/7108 High Pressure Calibration module with regulator (200bar) Allows calibration of high range pressure devices.
7066/7102 Differential Pressure Calibration module (5bar) Allows calibration of differential pressure instrumentation below 5bar.
7066/7103 Differential Pressure Calibration module (10bar) Allows calibration of differential pressure instrumentation below 10bar. 
7198 Multi Adaptors/Fittings Kit with case Provides all the required pressure connections and fittings for modules.
7194A Desktop Pneumatic Pump (Vacuum to 200bar) For manual pressure generation up to 200bar, covering all module ranges.
TEG-G200b/0.2 TE Digital Pressure Gauge (0 to 200bar, 0.2% accuracy) Secondary reference (back up or field use).
7161P Quad port benchtop Pneumatic Pressure Manifold (-1 to 200bar) Enables 4 pressure devices under test to be connected to a module for batch testing.
7149 Electrical Vacuum Pump To supply the 7059 module a vacuum pressure source.
CBPC PC with benchtop mounted 17” touch screen monitor, keyboard & mouse. Includes a swivel arm monitor mounting arm attached to the bench top for easy mobility, maximising worktop space. A convenient work station with PC positioned in under-tabletop holder (7123) of CalBench. Includes a benchtop mounted touch screen monitor with swivel arm to rotate the screen away from the benchtop when not being used. When configured with EasyCal, the PC workstation provides storage management for QMS data and includes instrument user manuals, company protocols and policies. The workstation can also be connected to a local network for information sharing, backup and remote maintenance.
ECFLA EasyCal Calibration Software Suite
(pre-loaded on CBPC)
Software to provide automated calibration run for bench instruments and complete workflow for management of calibration standards, management of instruments, Job report and Job data capture, Calibration due reminder system, ID and bar code printing, PDF reports and certificates as well as simulation mode and over 1200 standard calibration procedures to get started.
9795 Printer and Connectivity Kit - Includes InkJet Printer, DVD-RW, 4 Port USB Hub, Numeric Key Pad & USB Memory Stick Allows certificates and reports to be printed as required. Also data storage and connectivity.
9777 Bar Code Reader For reading instruments/devices that have been bar coded. Enables instant identification within EasyCal.
9778 Cal and ID Label Printer Print calibration labels, bar codes, and ID labels for tagging devices and instruments.
9796 Premium Test Lead Set Provides necessary connections for the 5065B DMM module.
CERTS Factory Calibration Certificates for test modules Certifies all calibration modules have been tested in the TE factory (NPL traceable).