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Time Electronics CalBench Video


An brief introduction to our calibration benches. This video shows the wide range of modules that can be fitted in the consoles of each test bench. These include modules for pressure calibration, loop and temperature calibration, and electrical calibration. Additionally modules such as power supplies, oscilloscopes, frequency counters and more can also be fitted.

One highlight of the video is the 7051 multifunction calibrator and control centre. This module is combines a precision calibrator, digital multimeter and touch screen PC. It is supplied pre-loaded with EasyCal calibration software that enables automated calibration work and provides a foundation for the calibration process. With EasyCal the CalBench becomes a multi-purpose system to optimise calibration, with applications for administration, scheduling and certificate creation.

Also featured are the CalBench packages. These are packages we have made to guide customers in module selection based on the most frequently performed calibration applications.