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CalBench Extras


A range of fittings and options are available for CalBench. These include under-worktop drawer and cabinet units, and a computor holder that can be connected to a benchtop mounted touch screen monitor. Accessories that fit to the perforated panel beneath the primary console include tool hooks, shelves, document holders, power strips and magnet sets.

Additionally benchtop instruments such as dry block calibrators and pressure pumps can be used when connected to modules performing testing applications. For electrical calibration adaptors for clamp meter calibration and optical tachometer calibration are available, and benchtop instruments for specialist applications.

When we configure the calibration bench we factor in all requirements of the end users and add the necessary extras to the package. We have the capabilities to design and supply custom solutions to line pressure, incorporating air amplifiers and gas boosters for high range pneumatic input to Calbench modules. For manual pressure generation the TE Gauge range of benchtop pumps are the ideal solution for use with pressure modules like the 7065 and 7038 indicators that require a pneumatic or hydraulic input.

For field work the standard Time Electronics range features process calibrators, temperature simulators, pressure calibrators and digital gauges.

CalBench for your laboratory

Contact our dedicated sales team to discuss your requirements and configure a calibration bench for your applications. We can advise on the suitable modules and extras for use in your facility.