About CalBench

The Time Electronics CalBench system is a calibration workstation made up of a heavy duty cantilever work bench with consoles housing modules for calibration, testing and other applications.


  • Pressure: Gauges, Calibrators, Transducers, Transmitters, Indicators, Switches, Valves.

  • Temperature: Sensors, Indicators, Thermocouple & RTD Transmitters, Calibrators, PRTs, Thermistors.

  • Electrical/Electronic: Multimeters, AC/DC Signal Sources, Clamp Meters, Tachometers, Ohmmeters, Decade Boxes, Loop Devices, Power Supplies.

  • Frequency: Signal Generators, Oscilloscopes, Frequency Meters, Timer Counters.

  • And Much More: Incorporate various test equipment for Flow, Level, Mass, Mechanical, Dimensional, and more.

Calibration test benches are systems that provide users with a compact working environment to cover multiple applications in test and measurement. They are the ideal solution for companies looking to implement an efficient and organised calibration process, with a single work station covering the bulk workload of calibration, testing and verification.

Instead of having a variety of benchtop and portable test instruments being used around a laboratory, the calibration bench combines the necessary master instruments (as modules) in a console mounted above the work bench. Time Electronics offer a range of modules to cover common applications performed by industrial workshops. These include much more than just calibration equipment, with modules for instrumentation behaviour analysis, repair and maintenance, and general purpose work also available.

Time Electronics calibration benches have been designed for simple and straightforward installation. The framework of the bench is assembled with mounting arms then the console/s are fitted. The consoles that house modules are supplied complete and tested, so once on-site the system can begin work quickly.

CalBench in Detail

Download the CalBench PDF Brochure for a detailed look at the system and specifications.

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CalBench Modules

View the modules available for CalBench fitting, for testing applications and more.

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CalBench Extras

Accompanying test instruments and extras for use with the CalBench, to enhance usability.

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CalBench Packages

View our pre-configured systems for common industrial test and measurement applications.

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The CalBench Gallery

View images of supplied test benches, modules, and concept shots of turnkey calibration labs.

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Turnkey Calibration Laboratories

Visit the TE Lab web page for more information on how we design and supply complete facilities.

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CalBench for your laboratory

Contact our dedicated sales team to discuss your requirements and configure a calibration bench for your applications. We can advise on the suitable modules and extras for use in your facility.