About TE Lab

The Time Electronics calibration lab design and supply service is for customers wanting to implement a lean and efficient testing facility, covering electrical and instrumentation calibration work and more. Laboratories are designed for maximum output and optimal work flow.

TE Lab Consultancy:

  • Requirements: We analyse the requirements of the lab and all tasks the users will be performing.

  • Technical: We assess the technical requirements and establish the master instruments or modules in CalBench for the testing within the lab.

  • Process: We look at the processes and workload to be performed in the lab and design to optimise this.

  • Software: We explain how EasyCal software can be used for lab management as well as automated testing, and put together the software package that is required for the company and lab.

  • On-site install and training: We review the lab as a whole and define the services required for on-site work including the installation and training programs to educate technicians.

Each project is specific to end user requirements, to create an ergonomic on-site calibration laboratory. It is created virtually, then supplied complete including all specified test instruments, tools, and furniture. CalBench acts as the primary work station of the laboratory, and is used for the main testing and verification workload.

Each laboratory is designed to optimise the calibration process. This is accomplished by a dual approach of hardware and software. CalBench modules provide the functions to calibrate devices and instruments, whilst EasyCal software is the controlling platform for all work and management. It enables the operators to schedule workload, organise jobs, database and print/store information. It also speeds up calibration by automating test runs when used with the 7051 multifunction calibrator/DMM or other compatible bench modules and instruments.

In addition to the primary focus of calibration, the lab can incorporate customer designated areas of use. These could be stations for administration work, repair and maintenance, or storage units. Laboratories can be designed to be fully self-sufficient, including line pressure tools such as compressors and vacuum pumps, electrical requirements and monitoring devices for quality purposes.

The Design Process

Read more about how we consult then configure the calibration laborary for each customer.

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Calibration Lab Images

View concept images of designed and supplied laboratories and workshops.

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Installation and Training

Read about the after-sales services we provide, on-site for installation, commissioning and training.

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Design your Laboratory

Contact our dedicated sales team to discuss your requirements and design a lab or work shop for your applications. We can advise on the best instruments and methods for use in your facility.