CalBench Gallery

Calibration Bench Module Images


A wide range of modules can be fitted in the primary and/or secondary console of the Time Electronics CalBench. Before ordering a CalBench the end user must decide on the best modules for use in their specific applications.

The TE CalBench team can advise on the modules required based on the parameters to be covered, with the ranges and accuracies required. Modules for calibration, test and measurement applications are the core basis for each test bench. Then auxiliary modules such as power supplies are fitted to provide the necessary input to the loop or device under test, creating the complete workstation.

Modules include process calibrators for loop and temperature, multifunction calibrators, digital multimeters, pressure calibration modules and much more. Oscilloscopes, function generators and frequency counters can also be fitted, as well as custom modules for specific usage, such as a commonly used controller or communicator that is not part of the standard CalBench range.