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The TE Lab Design Process

Time Electronics lab design is a dedicated consultancy process to assess customer requirements and configure a turnkey facility to cover various applications and tasks.

The process starts by understanding the user's requirements and applications. Once this is determined we will firstly configure the suitable calibration bench or benches, and if necessary add supporting instruments for customer specific applications. This is based on the technical requirements of the customer, and we provide a complete solution for the calibration process. We consider the respective industry, testing work to be done, and further applications to be performed within the laboratory.

Following this, once the workspace dimensions are supplied the virtual design process begins. Using custom software we create a 2D overview of the laboratory, then generate 3D images and videos to allow the end users to visualise the concept. We factor in the full technical specification combined with our recommended work flow and optimal layout to enable a lean, efficient and organised environment.

We work closely with customers to create a facility that covers all the necessary workload. It must accomodate the number of staff operating in the lab, their respective roles, and also cover any specific areas or applications that are being undertaken.

For calibration management and administration Time Electronics EasyCal software provides the ideal platform. With applications to cover the full process from scheduling to certificate issuance it enables a multi user laboratory to achieve compliance with quality standards. In addition it has the capability to control and automate calibration procedures when used with Time Electronics CalBench and other models. This reduces testing times and improves turnaround of devices and instruments that enter the lab for calibration.

CalBench and TE Lab Design

Contact our dedicated sales team to discuss your requirements and configure a calibration bench or turnkey lab for your applications. We can advise on the best instruments and methods for use in your facility.