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7051 Calibrator & Control Centre Module


The 7051 is a high performance multifunction calibrator, 6½ digit multimeter, and touch screen computer housed in a module that features centrally in the calibration bench. It is the principle module for multi product calibration with maximum functionality and features that optimise calibration work.

Multifunction Calibrator (source)
The internal multifunction calibrator can output AC/DC voltage and current, RTD and thermocouple simulation, plus a range of resistance and frequency functions. As standard the 7051 acts as a high performance process calibrator, then by adding internal options increased capabilities can be achieved to widen the workload it can cover. Internal fittings include high voltage and current, capacitance and inductance, and high range frequency options. These enable calibration of multimeters, clamp meters, tachometers, oscillocopes, timer counters and much more. Further enhancements can be made by external adaptors, benchtop test equipment and accompanying modules such as power supplies and loop calibrators that provide power to devices under test.
Precision Digital Multimeter (measure)
The integral 6½ digit multimeter can measure DC voltages to 1000V, AC voltages to 750V, resistance to 100MΩ, and frequency to 300kHz. It provides measurement capabilities for process and pressure devices under test, such as transducers and transmitters being calibrated by other modules on the CalBench.
Internal Computer (Control Centre)
The 7051 control centre is a PC with a 64 bit dual core processor, running Windows 8.1, with a 10.4" capacitive touch screen display. An optional PC upgrade with 12.1" display is available. The calibrator control software allows the wide range of functions to be easily selected using mouse, keyboard, or touch screen. In addition it comes pre-loaded with EasyCal software. For training and troubleshooting the PC can be connected to the internet for online collaboration with the Time Electronics technical team.
EasyCal Calibration Software
Time Electronics EasyCal software acts as the platform for all calibration work on the CalBench or the entire calibration laboratory. It enables automatic calibration to increase speed and efficiency of work and has features to manage and administrate both inventory and quality control. When supplied the the 7051 comes with a printer and connectivity kit for generation of certificates and reports.
Communicate with Modules and External Instruments
EasyCal software compatible modules (electrical, temperature, pressure, and loop) can communicate with EasyCal for readback of output values. This increases the speed of calibration work by automating the testing process with data being entered into the software quickly and easily. EasyCal can also be used with external instruments such as dry block calibrators, digital pressure gauges, benchtop calibrators and field instruments.
7051Plus Package
The 7051+ package is the solution to wide workload calibration with a full selection of internal options fitted into the module. It covers the requirements for electrical and process applications, providing precision calibration of multimeters, clamp meters, signal sources, decade boxes, tachometers, oscilloscopes, timer counters and more. It also calibrates temperature devices such as sensors, indicators, thermocouple and RTD Transmitters, calibrators, PRTs, and thermistors. When ordered it is supplied with adaptors required for certain calibration applications, plus extras for use with EasyCal software such as a bar code reader and label printer for instrument indentification.

  • Integral multifunction calibrator, Multimeter, and PC
  • Source and measure functions
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • Includes EasyCal calibration software
  • Communicate with CalBench pressure and temperature modules
  • AC/DC voltage and current
  • Resistance, capacitance and inductance
  • Frequency, period and duty cycle
  • RTD and Thermocouple simulation/measurement
  • HART and Foundation Fieldbus options
  • Built-in procedure library for test devices and instruments
  • Wizards for pressure and temperature devices
  • Automate calibration jobs
  • Manage and issue certificates, reports and labels
EasyCal comes as standard witht he 7051 and 7051+ modules.
It is a software package with features covering all aspects of calibration work and management. It can control the 7051 and enable automated testing applications to be performed, making it the key to efficient calibration work.
EasyCal has a familiar user interface so operators can quickly learn and navigate through the software applications. CalBench users will primarily use EasyCal for calibrator control and communication to decrease the time of calibration runs.
When used across a test facility EasyCal provides the essential platform for companies looking to create and sustain an effective calibration program. The comprehensive features simplify the administration process from reminder reports through to despatch.
Automating the calibration process brings important benefits and provides increased speed of calibration and consistency of results. Produce calibration certificates and reports to ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and other international quality standards.

  • Supplied as standard with the 7051 control centre module
  • Communicate with compatible CalBench modules
  • Automated planning and scheduling
  • For use with multiple devices and instruments
  • Print/email/store certificates and reports
  • Network compatible
  • Produce calibration labels
  • Quickly generate procedures using templates
  • 1200+ pre-written test procedures included
  • Calibration due reminder system
  • E-mail reminder letters and lists
  • Customise reports and certificates
  • Manage and issue certificates, reports and labelsCreate PDF reports and certificates (PDF engine)
  • Print and read bar codes
  • Universal instrument control
  • Secure user log in and electronic signatures
  • Create uncertainty tables for laboratory & site